Friday, October 10, 2014

5 for FrIdAy [Oct. 10th]

 This is my very FIRST "five for FRIDAY" linky post...
I'm pretty pumped about getting in on this action. 

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Do I need to say more?
Click on the picture for the detailed post!

My sweet boy is growing...
achy knees and tight shoes tell me a growth spurt is happening. 
We ordered him new sneakers and these studly things came in the mail.
He picked out the color...loves him some Georgia Bulldawgs!!!
And his uncle has a matching pair so I'm sure that had something 
to do with it!

Have you read my About Me section?
If not, I'll introduce you to my reclusive cat.
She's strictly an indoor companion for our family. 
Well, she decided to have a 48 hour jaunt around our neighborhood 
this past week...
she didn't even leave a note!
Finally picked her up in the neighbor's front yard earlier today and now she's grounded!

Friday Date Day with my man included lunch at this gem:
I'm a sucker for their Avocado Egg Rolls!
(borrowed from their website)

Just finished up my latest product and getting ready to run it 
through the wash.
Here's a sneak-peak:
Fingers crossed that I can get this ironed out this weekend...
Monday at the latest. 

Okay, that was pretty easy to do. 
I think I'll come back next week to do another.
Hope y'all had a wonderful week & enjoy the long weekend 
(for those of you who have Monday off). 


  1. Your cat note is hilarious!! I'm glad you found her!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Thanks Kimberly Ann! I truly feel like my pets have strong "personalities" and that note completely fits my cat.