Meet Me

Where to begin?

I'm originally from the South (Georgia peach to be exact), but have spent the last 10 years on the move...

My ARMY man's career has moved us as far west as Washington, deep down South in Georgia (two cities on opposite sides of the state), in Bluegrass country (Kentucky twice!), and now up in the Ocean State of Rhode Island. Where next? Only time (and the Army) will tell. 

Along for the ride is our silly son, mini-dachshund, and reclusive cat. 
My cup runneth over.

With all these moves, I've had the pleasure of exploring educational systems across the country and teaching multiple grade levels and in ever-changing settings. I've been everything from a Kindergarten teacher to a Reading Specialist with Special Education splattered in between. 

Want to know one of the BEST part of moving so much??? 
I make awesome friendships with fellow teachers and get to stay "in the know" in many different states. 
How cool is that? 

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