Monday, October 20, 2014

Sort, EAT, Count, Eat, Graph, EAT...M&M Math!

is just around the corner and this year, I'm SOOO happy it falls on a FRIDAY! 
Can I get an AMEN?!

The day after Halloween is always a candy-como conundrum for me.
What do I do with these sleep-deprived, sugar overdosed "zombies"?

This year, teachers around the nation WON'T have that problem!

But, let's be real, Halloween on a Friday is a recipe for craziness!
Hyped friends wanting to talk about candy and costumes. 
I've tried combating craziness with candy and it works, people!
This is my answer to the question
"How in the world am I going to get those sweeties to stay focused during math?"
{Click on image to purchase or go here}

This fun pack 
only requires candy-crazed kiddos (PreK-2nd) and a FUN size bag of M&M's. 

I always start with reading
BEFORE I pass out the chocolately goodness. 
This just helps me work in a bit of literacy to my math time, but still 
keeps the anticipation high!

For my particular class (last year), we focused on 
1.) color identification: they read color words before using crayons to color, 
2.) sorting: opened up bag and sorted M&Ms into colored circles, 
3.) counting: counted each M&M in each colored circle, 
4.) graphing: using M&M Sort page, they filled in M&M Math graph 
(Color & Sort)
(Fill in graph using M&M Sort information)
(Touch counting to insure accuracy)
* Her Orange looks Brown, but it's Orange.*

Not going to lie, we "lost" a few M&M's in the process. 
Some fell on the floor, others were eaten by inpatient pals. 

After we discussed our individual graph results, each friend went on 
to make patterns using these fun sheets. 

And then I FINALLY gave in to their requests to have "just ONE!" and let 
those lovies eat their first treats of Halloween!

And boy was it worth it...
happy kids and math instruction/time block complete!
I'll consider that a success. 

Math M&M Monster Pack includes:
(purchase here)
M&M Sort: Color and Sort
M&M Math: Graph (create and read)
 Monsters Want More: Graph analysis, Writing Numerals, Comparing Values, and Color Words
(2) Add the M&M’s: Sort, Count, Write Numerals, Color Words, and Addition
M&M’s Patterns: Create and Color Patterns (AB, AAB, AABB, and ABC)
 Monster M&M Match game: Ten frame (1-30) and Number Identification (1-30)

I would have LOVED to work in this fun game, but we ran out of time. 

Here's to a candy-crazed Halloween and restful weekend for you since those sweet babes have 2 whole days to get the candy out of their system before you have to teach/manage!

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