Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Savers ~ Introduction: Oct. 26th

Are you fan of saving money?
I am!
And that's just one of the many reasons I LOVE TPT!

So in the spirit of saving bundles of cash on my classroom resources, I wanted to start a little something that I thought would help you save money too. 

My grandmother loves the Sunday paper because of those 
coupon booklets that get shoved in the middle.

Loads of savings, she says. 
Sunday Savers, she calls them. 

And to keep the tradition going of saving cash on Sunday, 
I'm creating my own Sunday Savers.

As much a possible, I'm going to slash the prices of one (...or two) of my products for 24 hours. 
I don't know which products I'll choose, but check back on Sundays (I'll do my best to do every Sunday) and see what's on SALE or better yet...FREE!

This week....
I'm cutting the price of the 
(Click on image to purchase)
from $3.00 
to $1.00 !
*** This product will return to original price Monday 10/27/14 @ 3pm EST***


grab this FREEBIE while you're at it!
(Click on either image to download)

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