Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Word Wall woes

I have to admit, my least favorite area of my previous classrooms have been the Word Walls!

I know, it sounds kinda crazy; you'd think maybe I'd not like the hallway outside my classroom door or I would have hated the floor to ceiling windows or what about those space-suckers...weird nooks and crannies that you can't fit a durn thing into.

Nope, not me...I actually love (ok, like) those areas and make them work to my advantage.

But the Word Wall is my nemesis!!! I can NEVER get those dang things to look just the way I want them to.

And don't think I haven't tried...I've been known to "re-do" a Word Wall multiple times BEFORE SCHOOL EVEN STARTS! The problem is I just can't seem to figure out how to fit all the letters plus the words into the space allowed and have it all balanced. I'm a stickler for spacing so the gap between each letter and each word needs to look precise. Woe is me!

Have a I ever achieved the perfectly balanced word wall? Um, no, but I think I've come pretty close to creating just what I need to achieve it...
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I created these beautiful, colorful ABC letter cards with picture cards to dress up that Word Wall and here's the best thing about it (for me!), they are all perfectly sized to match each other and I don't have to worry about looking at a hodgepodge of sizes.

Oh, can you sense my joy?!?!

Each letter card has 11 picture cards that are associated with it...except X, it has 7 and Z has 9.
The cards are colorful and eye-catching from across the room!
I think my future students will really like seeing big pictures that they can associate with each letter.
Each page is divided into 4 equal sections so each box is approximately 4.25 x 5.5. Additionally, boxes are outlined in a thick, black line so cutting them is easy-peasy.

But, since I was so excited about these "wonders", I kept going and included some of my favorite ways to use alphabet picture cards. My (past) students have L-O-V-E-D playing ABC Charades and illustrating during Saw It, Draw It. Not to mention, that anytime I've let kids roam around the room (or playground, common area, etc.) to find hidden objects, it's always been a favorite!

Friends, can you tell I'm excited about these beauties?!

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