Friday, August 15, 2014

Falling out of their heads

A couple years back in the land of second grade...

I'm not lying when I say I, literally, had 4 different kids loose teeth all in the same day. 

Not quite sure what all was taught that particular day, because all I did was clean bloody mouths and try to wrangle small pearly chompers from their death grasps, so I could put them in snack baggies to send home. 
I mean, don't they know objects (the size of a small push-in) are MOST DEFINITELY GOING TO GET LOST ON THE matter how careful they think they'll be. 

But all bloody tissues and spit cups aside, watching the sheer joy spread across an 8 year old's face when another tooth comes flying out of his/her mouth is simply one of the best moments. Who can deny the simple happiness they experience...not me!

So, as another school year is getting under way, I thought I'd share this little token of "accomplishment" for those sweet friends who wiggle and jiggle those pearly whites until all they all fall out of their heads. 

{Click on the image to download PDF)

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