Monday, August 11, 2014

Ring, Ring, Ring...

Wow! Just wow!
I'm an awesome blogger. 
Start a blog and then neglect it for exactly a week! 
That's gonna serve it's purpose of making connections. 

BUT! I have a really legitimate excuse. I PROMISE!!!
I've been knee deep in creating one of my most favorite products.

Want to know what's been occupying all of my "alone time"?
Well, before I tell you what it is (and more importantly show you!), I guess I should tell you how I came about creating these beauties...

It all started last year when I was soooo tired of not having a lesson plan book that met every single one of my teacher needs. Now, don't think I hadn't searched high and low for that PERFECT plan book, I HAD. 

And I must admit, I found some pretty AH-MAZING plan books...can we say Erin Condren?! 
But unfortunately for me, I didn't have that kind of money to buy one of her drool-worthy teacher planners. 

So, I put my creative skills to work and started the process of building a personalized planner that fit MY SCHEDULE! And when I say my schedule, I literally mean my specific classroom schedule in blank and white ink where I didn't have to pencil in times on a weekly basis. 

Now don't get me wrong, I've typed up a lesson plan format in MS Word before then printed it all out but then had to pencil in plans...and let's be really honest here - IT WAS NOT CUTE!!! 

With the lesson plan pages fitted to my schedule and formatted in my favorite fonts and colors, I add the rest...monthly calendars, to-do lists, print & copy areas, and so on....

But hold the phone, I need a fabulous cover and back page to round out this "masterpiece" and that's where my personal plan book came to LIFE. And I have to be honest, I was in LOVE

I ran to the local print shop and had them print (double-sided), laminate the covers, and bind that bad boy. 

I stared at the final product for the remainder of the day and (secretly) didn't want to write a single thing inside of it for fear of messing up it's beauty. 
***Don't worry, that feeling passed quickly as I realized I needed to get busy with lesson planning for the upcoming school year. 

Took it to teacher planning and then the concept of having a personalized plan book swept like a wild fire...literally made 5 other books that week for fellow teachers (including my bestie in Colorado).
Fast forward just over a year and I have been swamped with personalized plan book orders from teachers in all over the country.
It's a crazy time of my year (Back to School usually is) with the all the orders, but I honestly LOVE making these things, because I know they're affordable AND they match each teacher's specific needs in a plan book. 

...And that's why I haven't picked up the phone!
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Interested in ordering?
I don't currently advertise these on TPT or Facebook since I'm a one-gal operation.
If you'd like more info on how to order a personalized plan book,

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