Saturday, January 31, 2015

SecondGrade Smartypants are TOADALLY Awesome!

A few weeks back, I teamed up with Melissa over at Jungle Learners 
for her second PRODUCT SWAP.
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I took part in her first one; I was so fortunate to meet Monique over at More Than Math by Mo and get to try out her Sight Word puzzles AND printables

This time around, I got the opportunity to swap with Katie and Lisen over at Second Grade Smartypants! 
(Click image or HERE to visit Second Grade Smartypants)

These two ladies have so many amazing products in their TPT store was honestly hard to choose just 1 product to try out. 

After some consideration, I opted for their Valentine's Day Craftivity Unit!
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These two gals made craft and writing templates for 5, yes 5, different valentines. 
...and a boombox.

I was planning to have several students, from the local elementary school, pick out their favorite templates and then gather up all the supplies and let them create valentines for their teachers. 

BUT BLIZZARD JUNO had other plans. Namely, creating 3 days of snow and restricted traffic (yep, RI banned driving for all except emergency vehicles and plow trucks). 

So I went with option B...gather up some friends' kiddos (plus mine) and stick to one template: I TOADALLY Love You Toad

Katie & Lisen's crafts are made with construction paper which is what I had planned on using, but closed stores made that slightly impossible. Another option is having students color the templates. It works, but it does require more time and you need to remind students to CUT first then COLOR (I didn't and so they colored the sides with labels...oh well). 

Also, if you're going with the coloring option, I suggest using card stock (I did) and it makes cutting easier for those younger kiddos. All of the templates have thick black outlines so even if your students haven't mastered the art of perfect cutting yet, their final products won't be too far off!  

After all the coloring & cutting was complete. These "toadally" awesome kids assembled the pieces (with gluesticks) and made the cutest lil' frogs you might ever see.
I really appreciated how simple the assembly process was! And I didn't even make an example for them to see, I just verbally walked them through the steps. 

The older girls used the writing template to tell their parents why they TOADALLY love them. 
You want to win this awesome unit in time for Valentine's Day?
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Katie & Lisen selected my CONSONANT COMBOS: INITIAL BLENDS, DIGRAPHS, & TRIGRAPHS pack. Head over to their blog to read how they used it and enter to WIN IT!
Now, go see what other teachers swapped and enter to win more giveaways!!!


  1. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing such great pictures.

  2. Those craftivities are adorable! Sorry the weather got in the way of your plans!

  3. These are so stinking cute!! Thank you for such a fun post to read! :) I'm sorry about the blizzard! They all still turned out adorable!! Thanks for joining the swap again, I hope you had fun! :)

    Jungle Learners