Friday, January 23, 2015

I've Been Missing Out ( might be too)

The other day I was puttsing (or spelled putzing, depending on your accent) around on Facebook and noticed that I wasn't seeing a lot of posts from the FAN PAGES I've LIKED (a.k.a. become a fan of). 

Don't get me wrong, I don't want my Facebook newsfeed to be overrun by ads for big brands, but if there is a sale or a small business from my community posts, I wanna know about it. I like seeing what my fellow blogger/teacher-authors are promoting/sharing. 

But, I wasn't seeing any of it! 
The mice started turning the big ole' wheel and my fingers started typing. 
Oh Google, how I love thee. 

Yes! I had made one of the common errors of Facebook users!
I had not told Facebook that 
"HEY! I actually wanna see what those Fan Pages post"
...apparently "LIKING" the page isn't enough. 

So, here's 3 quick suggestions for all those people who may not want to miss what's happening with the pages you've shown interest in. 

1.) Go to the Fan Page, click on the LIKED tab and click on GET NOTIFICATIONS. 
(This tells Facebook "I wanna see what/when they post stuff."

2.) Every so often, click on PAGE FEEDS (left hand side on your HOME screen) and scroll through just the posts made by the FAN PAGES you've LIKED.

3.) The more you interact (like/share/comment on FAN PAGE posts), the more likely you are to see those pages show up in your newsfeed. 

There you have it, friends. 
A simple solution to making sure YOU DON'T MISS OUT.
Because, lets be honest, I've missed quite a few Flash Freebies, quick sale promos, and opportunities to enter giveaways. 
As Rob Lowe says, don't be "this me".

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