Friday, February 6, 2015

Hip Hop. Hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop

Oh Sugar Hill Gang! 
You make me believe I can be a rapper. 

Until I realize I've mispronounced 3/4 of your famous

That's okay, I'll stick with what I do know...
Sight words and hip, hip hopping on them.
DOLCH HOP ON IT sight word games
I've always had great success with these simple activities that get students moving and practicing sight words all at the same time. 
Kids WANT to keep playing! 
There have been many times when I've had bring the game out to the playground. 

Each sight word set comes with a START & STOP card and sight word cards are placed in a path between the two.

Beginning at START, kids hop on each sight word card, picking up any cards of sight words they do not know or try to sound out. 

When they reach STOP, they use the stack of unknown sight word cards to fill in the recording sheet.
A few tips: 
I like to have my friends match up the sight word card to the sight word on the sheet and keep their finger on the word so they don't mark the wrong word. 

The sheet indicates to use checks and Xs, but highlighters are FUN!
So if you have them and trust your babes with them, use them.
They really do make those unknown sight words stand out. 
This has helped my friends have record of and focus on the sight words they need to practice. 
And parents REALLY love this on-going record so they can help too!

Watch Hop On It (DOLCH Pre-Primer) in action:
This sweet friend LOVES this game!
Trying to beat HIMSELF. 

Once your sweeties have mastered all the words in a set, he/she earns an achievement certificate!

I've bundled all 5 DOLCH sight word sets (Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd) 
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