Monday, November 24, 2014

Week of Giving THANKS: T for Tape

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Each day, I'll post something I'm thankful for (in my teachy world) based on the letter. Today's letter: T
Sounds weird, I know. 
But have you ever had things literally fall off your classroom walls?
I have.
And it drives me nuts!
A great friend of mine introduced me to 3M's #2020 tape and it's magical. 
By magical, I mean I put something up on those painted cinder blocks and it stays...forever.
Or at least until I pull it down. 

Now I must warn you, the label says "heavy-duty" and "professional strength". 
But it's gentle enough to put on painted walls. No paint chips come off when you pull your posters down. 
So don't worry, your principal or custodian won't be hunting you down, looking for answers about why there are huge bare spots on your classroom walls come this summer. 

Enjoy those beautiful walls ALL year long!

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