Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week of Giving THANKS: H for Helping Hands

is focused on the letter H.
I'm super grateful for all those extra helping hands that have volunteered in my classrooms over the past years. To say that things could have been difficult without spare hands would be an understatement! I have been so fortunate to have amazing students' parents and family, community members, and friends come to countless field trips, talent shows, and Family Nights to lend their hands to make things run smoothly. Not to mention the wonderful volunteers who have given up their own time to make copies/staple papers, read to students, listen to students read, and so much more. It really is worth saying again "It takes a village..". 


  1. I wrote the same thing! It's amazing how much those "little" things add up and how stapling book orders to helping out on a field trip - those helping hands are needed! I'm so glad I found your blog. It's amazing :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Your newest follower,
    My Shoe String Life

  2. Amanda - Thanks so much! I'm headed over to your blog now.