Saturday, November 8, 2014

Five for Friday: November 7

This week has been slightly hectic so Five for Friday has turned into 5 for Saturday...oops!

Finally got my Veterans Day: History of Heroes finished, posted to TPT and the blog, and now I'm ready for next Tuesday.

(Click here to purchase) 

My animals (chocolate lovin' dog and runaway cat) must think of me as Elmyra from Animanics...I can't come up with any other reason they act the way they do. 

Tons of teacher bloggers swapped products, took them for a "test-drive", blogged about them, and now are giving them away to lucky winners. 
It's live now so go check it out. 
(Click here to read about my swap with More than Math by Mo)

We got our family pictures back.
Now to just find a Christmas card design that I like and doesn't break the bank. 

(so happy its the weekend and I don't have a single thing planned...AMEN)

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