Friday, May 1, 2015

It's here, it's here...Teacher Anchor

Hey lovelies, 
Have you missed me?
I told you it wouldn't be another 2 months before you heard from me again.

It's May yeah, I'm so excited!!!! It's my birthday month. 
And I'll be honest, I already know what I want...
I know, I know, it's the END of the school year and I'm drooling over something for NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. But friends, it's just so lovely. Chandra, over at C. Jayne Teach gave some of us a sneak peak, a few weeks back, and I've been staring at the pictures ever since...waiting for today's launch! 

This beauty has everything I need and lots of things I want:

Month at a Glance & Year at a Glance pages
 Lesson Plan pages
Common Core Checklists for K-3 
(4th-6th can be downloaded from her free library)
Classroom organizers, curricular checklists, a substitute teacher section, and a student data sheet set that includes master forms and checklists for gathering pre/post test data, running records, small groups, individual conferencing and more!
I love how the Classroom Planner fits nicely into the Teacher Anchor Binder - I'm going to have everything I need in one nice, neat, tidy binder and this makes me happy. 

I just might splurge and get that bad-boy personalized...
So many colors, so hard to choose.
Thanks to Chandra for all the amazing photos. You can see these photos and many more on her site

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